The M21D collection aims to investigate, celebrate, and normalize design with positive social and environmental impacts created after 2000 — and we operate on a generous definition of design. Design happens anytime an entity translates intention into function. Everything from web interfaces to strategies for social activism belongs in our definition of design.

Collecting such a diverse range of positive designs requires a new type of collection. Therefore, M21D maintains a digital collection of designs instead of a physical one. Rather than invest in structures and space, we’re developing a low-carbon website to host our designs and research, allowing anyone to access them and add to them at any time.   

The designs presented below are currently under consideration for our permanent collection. The files are being continuously updated. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve a specific file or want to suggest a new design for consideration.

BrewDog Carbon Negative

BrewDog Brewery and Pubs