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About Us


M21D has a permanent office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and operates globally. The team helps people develop appreciation for twenty-first-century design that nurtures communities and their surroundings. M21D engages with as many people as possible to foster conversations about design’s role in creating a better future. See the latest news from M21D.

Meet our Staff

William Myers

Founding Director

Hsien-Yin Ingrid Chou

Design Director

Ling Lin

Social Lead

Emma van der Leest


Lizan Guliker

Social Media Manager

Jared Dalcourt

Curatorial Fellow

Kiersten Thamm

Collections Curator

Mean Thangtrakhanpong

Social Media Manager

Maaike Brink

Operations Manager

Organization Details

M21D is a cultural ANBI-Stichting (non-profit foundation) registered in the Netherlands. M21D also functions as a 501(3)(c) organization in the United States, through a fiscal sponsor, so all donations are tax deductible. The management board consists of Vera Sacchetti (Chair), Nienke Binnendijk (Secretary), and Ben Cerveny (Treasurer). The board members receive no remuneration of any kind for their activities.

The Foundation's Chamber of Commerce (KvK) number is 82347948. The tax number (RSIN-number) is 8624.28.531. Read the M21D policy plan.

Zoutkeetsgracht 298

1013 LC Amsterdam

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