M21D exhibitions and programs investigate how design impacts the environment and societies. Although these topics intersect, we've placed our projects into four categories based on their primary goal to make easier to navigate.   

Design for Ecology and Crisis

In collaboration with the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing (CAFA) and its museum, M21D is developing an exhibition and programming. The theme will be Future Unknown, with content co-curated by the Design for Ecology and Crisis department at CAFA. Among the topics under examination are design strategies for achieving carbon-negative results. 

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Floriade Festival

The M21D curatorial team is organizing an exhibition for Floriade, a horticulture festival produced once every 10 years in the Netherlands (opening April 2022 in Amsterdam and Almere). The topic is the troubled but hopeful relationship between humans, nature, and technology. The exhibition will consist of more than 1,000 square meters with outdoor and indoor installations of experimental technologies and imaginative speculations. It's a project of Next Nature Network in conjunction with the Dutch Design Foundation.  

Image: plan for the Di-X Natural Pavilion 

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Carbon-Negative Design

This exhibition will feature objects that can truly claim to sequester carbon in their production or via the completion of their life-cycles. An accompanying program with designers, local communities, and policy-makers will include discussions about how to make carbon-negative design a standard rather than a label. 

Image: Post Carbon City, Terreform One