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Design of Dissent

This ongoing research project will present in exhibitions the best of design that has supported protest over the past 20 years, from posters and masks to strategies for organizing. It is inspired by current social justice movements, the 2005 publication and exhibition of the same name by Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilić, and the recent exhibition at the Museum of Design Atlanta. The topic takes on new significance following the events of 2020 and the urgency to expand and disseminate our collective playbook of protest.  


Redesign: Coronavirus and Public Space

The COVID-19 crisis upended our expectations of personal and public spaces — and it demanded rapid re-designs everywhere. This exhibition, planned for the NDSM-werf in Amsterdam will spotlight and recreate the best examples of creative repurposing of public spaces from around the world. Often, they're achieved with simple interventions like chalk and tape. All are designs that signal an evolution in community priorities.   

Image: Doug Gordon