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Jared Dalcourt

Curatorial Fellow

Jared Dalcourt is a New York-based writer and researcher. His graduate work at SVA focused on the relationship between visual language including typography with stereotypes and aspects of the slave trade. As an M21D Fellow, he translates his graduate work into a basis for a book, exhibition, and other programs. The juxtaposition of the slave trade with the evolution of typography has been a significant focus of Jared's work. Through thorough research into the history of typography across European nations, he has uncovered a fascinating connection: the developers of typographic technology played a pivotal role in the transatlantic slave trade. These printmakers served as unofficial communication agents of the industry, conveying the capture and recapture of enslaved individuals striving for freedom; so-called runaways.

Jared about the program: “The M21D fellowship emerged as a pivotal chapter in my development. My multidisciplinary background, spanning sustainable systems, industrial design, and marketing communications, found cohesion within the M21D fellowship. This unique program works as a catalyst for me, instilling practical and curatorial skills. 

As the recipient of the inaugural M21D Fellowship, I’m dedicated to materializing my research through exhibitions and books. The fellowship bridges the gap by providing coaching and practical guidance. It goes beyond, recognizing the importance of diverse voices, and actively coaching fellows to contribute meaningfully to the curatorial landscape.

Jared Dalcourt
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