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Educational Resources & Initiatives

M21D works with institutions around the world to create and provide free teaching tools. Reach out to us on Instagram or email to engage: 

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Museum Fellowship Program

Museum Fellows are paid content developers: M21D coaches them on how to materialize their research into exhibitions, books, and other media.


Object Label Writing

An engaging activity for kids and adults: participants use design objects to help imagine the future they want to see. Free resources here.

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Courses: Design for Ecology & Crisis

A series of courses and workshops developed first for students in Beijing, Chongqing, and Shenzhen. 


Biodesign: Getting Started

A free guide for students and teachers who want to explore the exciting frontier of design with biology. Download a free chapter from Biodesign, including tips for getting started, published by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Also available the new book, profiling 10 years of the Bioart and Design Award (BAD Award) Emerging Bioart and Biodesign, a free Download. Also available is a preview of the book Bioart, including the introduction and samples from each chapter here for Download

For the presentation at Open University, Utrecht, see PDF file here.

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