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(e)Book launch: Emerging Bioart and Biodesign

Georgina McDowall

A book about the last 10 years of the Bioart and Design Awards

28 October, Eindhoven: Celebrating the last 10 years of the Bio Art & Design Awards with the launch of the (e)book Emerging Bioart & Biodesign, written by M21D’s Founding Director, William Myers. 

With contributions from fellow M21D team member Georgina McDowall, curator Rawad Baaklini, and artist, researcher and Bio Art & Design Award winner Xandra van der Eijk. The book takes a look at how bioart and biodesign have flourished over the last decade – nurtured by the Bio Art & Design Awards community. Expect profiles of winning projects, interviews with artists, designers, and scientists, and explorations of key themes.

This book is an invitation. An inspiration and a welcome sign to anyone interested in the bioart and biodesign fields. Thanks to funding from ZonMW, it is also completely free. Get your copy today!

Emerging Bioart & Biodesign
Download PDF • 20.33MB

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