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Newsletter: September 2021

William Myers

Announcing the M21D Digital Study Collection

The Study Collection 

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new study collection. The collection contains designs that we’re investigating to learn how they impact the environment and society for the better. It's the first step for a work of design to join M21D's permanent collection.   

Visit the collection and read more about our approach to collecting.

​What's New on 

What is Biodesign?

Biodesign covers a broad category of design — but its definition doesn’t have to be complicated. Read our jargon-free explanation of biodesign and what it offers people who use objects (that’s just about everyone 😉). 

Rainbow Stories

Interested in a new approach to bringing awareness to LGBTQIA+ history? Check out Rainbow Stories, a multimedia educational toy. We interviewed the designer, and she shares her take on why LGBTQIA+ history is more important than ever. 

Contra Miradas

When people read about Medellín, Colombia, they often hear an uncomplicated story of public policy done right. But this story doesn't include the lived experience of residents. Contra Miradas, a multimedia exhibition at the EPM library in Plaza Cisneros, tells the stories of the people who live there—community members at the forefront. Each barrio represented has its peculiarities, and each person has a unique story to tell. Read M21D's coverage of the exhibition and hear directly from the people who live in the region.

The Team: Georgina McDowall

This newsletter’s team introduction goes to Georgina McDowall, our head of program development and operations. Georgina is an Amsterdam-based researcher and project coordinator, working at the intersection of culture and sustainability. She is passionate about breaking down the boundaries between disciplines and helping museums make the world a more socially equitable and environmentally sound place. She has presented on these topics throughout Europe and held positions at Museum of the Mind, Artis Library, and Ki Culture. When she’s not organizing things at M21D, she’s learning about all things bio art, design, and technology.Hear from Georgina in the Creative States interview about reinventing the museum to help redesign our world and find her on LinkedIn.

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