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M21D Receives First Creative States Prize

Kiersten Thamm

We’re honored to receive the first-ever Creative States Prize for life-affirming innovation.

We’re honored to receive the first-ever Creative States Prize for life-affirming innovation.  Each year, Creative States chooses a theme for applicants to respond to with projects that encourage a world that’s imaginative, interconnected and inner-directed. This year, the organization challenged participants to “design a civic space for public gathering (physical or virtual) that seeds a sense of creative agency and possibility in our broader cultural sphere.” They expressed a particular interest in cultivating spaces that promote a more rounded sense of connection, equality, and humanity. 

M21D does just that. We’re designing physical and virtual spaces for people to gather, learn about life-affirming design, and work to make it the norm. Through online and temporary exhibitions, programs, and partnerships, we’re bringing people together to discover and celebrate design that shapes a healthier, more equitable world. 

M21D focuses on the future, rather than the past. We’re a tool for education and community building, promoting conversation not conservation.

Read about M12D's vision of the future on Creative States. 

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