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Image credit: Wild Flower


Silicone, magnetic charging


Ongoing research into the working conditions of those designing, manufacturing, and distributing Enbys.


People working together within the American company Wild Flower


Tool for use in undefined sexual and romantic experiences


$74.99, global shipping


The company never genders or racializes its products. It intends on producing products that help all bodies and identities feel pleasure.

Life cycle

Ongoing research into the materials, manufacturing, distribution, and post-use life of Enbys.

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Sex without the Limitations of Gender

In 2019, the sex toy company Wild Flower released the Enby, a vibrator designed to appeal to users across and outside of all genders and suit various bodies. The flexible silicone vibrator has wings that fan out from a central ridge, similar to a wide bicycle seat. It can be folded and rolled into various shapes; it has three speeds, five vibration patterns, and comes in black and purple.  

The company named the Enby after the common acronym “NB,” which stands for non-binary. In a space filled with gendered products, the Enby stands out. Amy Boyajian, CEO and co-founder of Wild Flower, spoke to LNS Global about the Enby, saying, “Approaching sex toys through a gender-neutral lens makes sexual exploration more imaginative for all people while making space for the queer folks, who have long been overlooked by the sex toy industry.” Gender-free toys fill an important need for nonbinary and trans people who may prefer certain types of toys, but the marketing of those toys may prevent them from using them.  

So Far, Mixed Review

Reviews of the Enby and the company Wild Flower have been mixed. Some have written about their love of the sex toy, while others have pointed out its flaws and the company’s harmful actions, which include allegedly suing a sex shop named Enby for trademark infringement.  


Wild Flower's Enby and M21D

For Wild Flower’s good intentions, innovative approach to design, and positive reviews of the product, M21D has brought the Enby into our study collection for further research. We’re currently collecting additional reviews by users and investigating the labor and environmental impacts of the product. 

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